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Active Shooter Defense Training

AlerT active shooter defense training is an open source, options-based program that fully adheres to best practices recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Education, FEMA, and the Department of Justice.

AlerT is currently the only active shooter defense training designed to account for the full spectrum of active shooter preparedness – prevention through recovery. 

Assess – lockdown – evade – resist – Tell

Sustainable Active Shooter Defense helps get you before X.
The “X” on the timeline represents an active shooter attack. Everything after  “X” is the response.  Everything before the “X” is an opportunity to prepare and possibly prevent the attack.  AlerT helps you get before “X.”

Additional Active Shooter Defense Resources

Preparedness is more than response

Many popular active shooter defense programs focus solely on response protocols.

The AlerT system teaches everything from de-escalation and threat assessment training (prevention) to family reunification – a vital element of the recovery process.

Emergency Plans

Plans are the foundation of preparedness.  AlerT provides the necessary resources to develop your plan!

Threat Assessment

Our threat assessment resources will help you identify and assess potentially dangerous individuals.

Stop the Bleed

Blood loss can become fatal within five minutes. Our eLearning course teaches you how to stop the bleed.

Drill Implementation

Drills are necessary to ensure your plans and training are effective. See how our proprietary software, ERIP, can help you schedule, track, and report on your active shooter drills.

Anonymous Reporting

Learn how to implement an effective “See Something – Say Something” campaign to mitigate or prevent an attack.

Family Reunification

Learn why the family reunification plan is needed and how the family reunification plan will be implemented.
And Much More!
AlerT Active Shooter Defense Training Options

Active Shooter Defense Training Options

With more than 20 years of active shooter defense training experience, our team understands that training needs vary by organization.

We developed AlerT as options-based training with options – see which AlerT training program works best for your organization.






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Do you offer discounted training?

Yes, host an Alert training at your facility and invite your neighbors! As an AlerT host, you will receive complimentary AlerT training seats.

How can I use the free content?

AlerT is made available under the  Creative Commons license.

Do you help with emergency plans?

AlerT was designed as an all-hazards system – integrating well with existing emergency plans. Contact us today to learn how we can implement AlerT into your existing emergency operations, policies, and procedures.

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