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AlerT Active Shooter Response Resources

AlerT is made available under a Creative Commons license meaning organizations and law enforcement agencies can customize (and implement) training resources- absolutely free.

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AlerT Active Shooter Training for School Staff

This eLearning course explains response procedures and options during an active shooter type attack and integrates strategies into the training which helps improve situational awareness.

Re-Learn Lockdown Training for School Staff

Helps you understand access control plus cover and concealment. This course explains core security strategies associated with lockdown.

Student Training: Active Shooter Response Overview

Overview of active shooter response options and school lockdown drills directed towards students.

Age Appropriate: AlerT Train the Trainer

Train Students the response options to a dangerous intruder – in an age appropriate manner. Take the train-the-trainer course, download or embed the teacher resource.

Parent Training: Family Reunification Process

Provides an overview of why the family reunification plan is needed and how the family reunification plan will be implemented.

Parent Training: School Lockdown Overview

Overview of school lockdown drills and active threat response plans (directed towards parents).

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