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Active Shooter Defense Training for K-12 Schools

Is your school prepared?

Emergency Preparedness for Schools Needs to Evolve

Each day, schools in the United States see close to 60 million elementary and secondary-age students enter their doors, collectively. In order to provide a healthy and productive learning environment, schools must ensure that their students feel safe on campus and be prepared for all-hazards.

While schools may implement standard emergency protocols for things like a fire, severe weather, or a medical emergency – active-shooter events require a more nuanced and dynamic approach. Unfortunately, for schools, much of the existing active shooter defense training is simply not sustainable.

In order to effectively protect our children, our training must evolve beyond response – to account for the full spectrum of preparedness.

AlerT Active Shooter Defense: The New Standard of Care

SafePlans developed AlerT (Assess, lockdown, evade, resist, Tell) to account for all aspects of emergency preparedness – prevention through to recovery. Our system is an all-hazards training program that fully complies with the National Standard of Care for schools.

 The Standard of Care is a legal term outlined in the U.S. Department of Education’s Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans. Schools that fail to satisfy federal and state recommendations or safety policy requirements could be found negligent, if a student or staff member were injured or killed as a result of an active-shooter event or other emergency.

AlerT meets and improves upon the National Standard of Care by focusing on situational awareness – setting it apart from other options-based active shooter defense programs for schools. AlerT instructs students, teachers, and parents to first assess the situation in order to determine the best course of action – instead of defaulting to a lockdown procedure.

Sustainable Active Shooter Defense Training is More than Just Response

Imagine an active-shooter attack as an “x” on a timeline. Everything after “x” is response – and everything before “x” is our opportunity to prevent, or at least, mitigate an attack.

Before X Active Shooter Preparedness

AlerT helps k-12 schools stay ahead of “x.”

In addition to response options (lockdown, evade, resist), AlerT emphasizes the need to identify potential threats ahead of an attack – thereby preventing or mitigating an attack. Our training also provides comprehensive resources for reunification – a necessary first step in the recovery process.

Does your K-12 District have an Active Shooter Emergency Operations Plan in Place?

To supplement our active shooter defense training, our team can conduct a thorough evaluation of your school’s physical security, emergency plans, policies, and procedures to ensure any gaps in security are accounted for.

AlerT Training Options for K-12 Schools

Our training was designed to meet the needs of districts large and small – see which training option is best for your district.

Focused On-Site Training

  • Highly sustainable training option for schools of any size
  • Utilizes the blended learning approach – AlerT instruction and eLearning
  • Ongoing access to AlerT eLearning and resources


  • Full knowledge transfer – preparing trainers to implement and maintain AlerT for their school or district
  • Includes access to eLearning and additional AlerT resources
  • Courses may be customized to include threat assessment, physical security assessment and training for security staff

Not sure which AlerT training option is best for your K-12 school district?

Lockdown Alone is Not Enough

In 2013, the U.S. Department of Education conducted a thorough analysis of active-shooter events. Their findings were used to update school guidance.

AlerT active shooter defense fully-complies with U.S. Department of Ed’s updated recommendations.

AlerT Certification

Do you have a passion for protecting good people from bad things? Get certified as an AlerT Trainer!

Click the link below to discover more about our certification process: 

Teddy is Ready – Age-Appropriate Training

The need for active shooter defense training is both necessary and tragic; however, schools need to be mindful of how this training is communicated – depending on the age of the student. Training should not cause students unnecessary stress or anxiety. This is why we developed Teddy is Ready – a book to help younger children prepare.

Teachers and parents can utilize this resource to educate their young ones on the importance of situational awareness.

Watch this Overview Video of AlerT for K-12 Schools

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