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Active Shooter Prevention – A Vital Element of AlerT

Incorporate Active Shooter Prevention Training to Improve Emergency Operations

Active Shooter Prevention and the Role of Physical Security

Imagine an active shooter attack as an “X” on a timeline.  Everything after “X” is response and everything before “X’ represents the opportunity to prevent or mitigate the attack. Comprehensive prevention strategy requires an organization to combine policies, procedures, and physical security measures to get before ‘X.”

Prevention Strategies Include:

Threat assessment program

SAFE Report / Anonymous Alert Systems

Staff Active Shooter Defense Training

Physical Security and Target Hardening

What is the difference between Active Shooter Prevention and Active Shooter Defense?

While prevention is the goal – relying on prevention alone is not a viable preparedness strategy.

Active shooter prevention is an element of active shooter defense, which encompasses the full spectrum of emergency preparedness – prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

How can I implement active shooter prevention at my origanization?

Implementing active shooter prevention policies and procedures is a daunting task – even for the experts; however, this process becomes much easier when you know what to look for.

Conducting a safety and security assessment is a good first step in the prevention process.

What is a safety and security assessment?

Safety and security assessments are used to evaluate and analyze an organization’s physical security, local environmental hazards, workplace climate, and safety policies to determine where there may be gaps or a need to improve.

What happens after the assessment is complete?

Once the assessment is completed, your administrators, safety personnel, and local law enforcement will collaborate with stakeholders on an action plan. From there, your organization should:


  • Develop safety and security policies
  • Develop a communication strategy
    (this includes communicating changes and training staff to emergency plans)
  • Propose improvements to physical security
  • Implement a process for reporting on progress

How does AlerT incorporate Active Shooter Prevention?

The AlerT program was designed as an all-hazards preparedness system and includes detailed elements of active shooter prevention throughout the curriculum.

Preventing an active shooter-type attack can be incredibly complicated and tragically imperfect.  Contact us today to discuss the incorporation of planning, training and physical security into your organization’s active shooter defense strategies.

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