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Become a certified AlerT instructor. If you’re already an active shooter response/defense instructor we have accelerated options for you!

Local Experts are the Best Kind of Experts

You know your community and organization.  We know active shooter response. 

Emergencies are local and we can prepare you to deliver life-saving training to your organization and/or community.  There is no better feeling than helping to protect good people from bad things.

Already an Expert?

We understand that there is no one magic training system. We are happy to recognize your expertise and welcome you to the AlerT family.  

If you are already an instructor in another system, we have an accelerated program that allows you to become a certified AlerT trainer.  We do require that you agree to not utilize any training materials that were provided to you by the other system.  We respect the intellectual property of others and we will provide everything you need!

Training programs currently recognized for accelerated certification include:


    • Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter Instructor
    • Security Awareness for Educators (SAFE)
    • Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate (ALICE)
    • Avoid, Deny, Defend Instructor

Learn by Doing

Our hands on approach helps to guide you through the training process.  

AlerT is an intuitive program structured to make it easy to learn and efficient to instruct.  Become an AlerT trainer and help us protect good people from bad things! 

Unmatched Resources

We helped pioneer active shooter respose training and have picked up more than a few tips along the way.

We develop all training content, graphics, and resources in house and welcome any feedback from our trainers to help us continually improve our process and system.

It doesn’t hurt that we have the Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) system to support emergency plans, drill scheduling, security assessments, site mapping and much more.

Ready to become an Instructor?

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