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Maryland School for the Deaf is AlerT!

Maryland School for the Deaf is AlerT! Imagine an “X” on a timeline. The "X" represents an active shooter attack. Everything after  “X” represents response.  Everything before the “X” is an opportunity to prepare and possibly prevent or at least mitigate the attack. ...

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Hernando County School District is AlerT!

Hernando County School District is AlerT! School administrators and staff in Hernando County Schools recently partnered with SafePlans to conduct and complete active shooter training. The district is implementing our AlerT (Assess, Lockdown, Evade, Resist, Tell)...

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Leavenworth USD 453 is AlerT!

Fort Leavenworth USD 207 is AlerT! Our training empowered Fort Leavenworth staff to assess their surroundings and situation in order to determine the best course of action. Additionally, their staff were taught some of the signs and behaviors one can identify to...

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Caesars Casino is AlerT!

  Caesars Casino came back to Safeplans again this year to conduct the AlerT active shooter response training to all current staff. We were enthused to conduct the training and are happy to come back every year. Our focused onsite training is an effective way to...

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UMA is AlerT!

UMA Ultimate Medical Academy is AlerT! Welcome to the Family UMA! We are proud to welcome the Ultimate Medical Academy to the SafePlans’ AlerT family. Earlier this year, SafePlans visited their district to conduct AlerT active shooter response training to teach staff...

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5 Things to do This Summer to Prepare for Next School Year

Is Your School Prepared in the Event of an Emergency? As we approach the end of the school year, administrators, educators, students and parents are looking for actionable ways to mitigate and prevent emergencies for the upcoming school year. In this post, we will...

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